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Founded in 2004

NvM is a guild with a rich history that has been around since the beginning of WoW. NvM has traditionally been a PvE oriented guild, with focus on progress, but also on fun times and member relationships. NvM is NOT a family friendly guild and gchat as well as vent is often R rated, or worse. NvM has had its ups and downs like any guild and has seen its fair share of members come and go. Here is the history of NvM...

The guild was originally called "Nevermind" and was formed on Arthas shortly after WoWs release by a group of friends who wanted to see end game content and meet new people. Before the guild had enough level 60s to run Upper Blackrock Spire, Nevermind began absorbing smaller guilds to bolster its ranks. In Late 2004 Nevermind merged with Goodfellas and some other small guilds and began raiding UBRS for some phat Tier 0 lewts. Kersidio was the original Guild Master; he later defected to Horde, embezzling the entire guild bank with him (Horde are evil, period). Willy (Aaron) became the new GM. Before long Nevermind joined forces with another Arthas guild, Hidden, to form a full raid of 40 to take on the dragon Onyxia. Thus began the logistical nightmare that was the 40 man raids before BC.

Hidden and Nevermind explored and began to conquer MC together until Nevermind had enough lvl 60s to fill its own 40 man raid. It was during the MC days that the infamous "Nevermind Ninja" occurred ("and he has my M*^&%r F#&king Gloves too!..."). Giving Nevermind and the Dark Wolves no small amount of notoriety and driving poor Gouryella to almost quit the game. But Nevermind pressed on to extinguish the fire lord Ragnaros. Molten Core was conquered and farmed in the following months as Nevermind grew as a well-oiled raiding machine that rose to be one of the top PvE guilds on Arthas.

With MC under our belts and the opening of Blackwing Lair it was time for new challenges. Unfortunately by this time Nevermind had grown so big that raid slots, even with 40 of them, were hard to come by. Some members felt left out and grew uneasy as tensions rose and members fought. It was decided that the "core" members that raided the most and had the best gear would break off and form a brother guild, "NvM". Unfortunately the split was not thoroughly discussed with all the members and it was initiated in a haphazard way that almost caused the guild to break up completely. Eventually NvM formed with Bault as GM and received enough members to raid BWL. The original Nevermind stayed in tact with ties to NvM although there was still tension between some of the members of Nevermind and the new NvM. Nevermind recruited and was able to down Ragnaros without help from NvM, however Nevermind never advanced far in BWL.

NvM went on to best Nefarion and farmed BWL for many months before Naxxaramus was released. During this time Nevermind and NvM decided to remerge and form one guild again, sticking with the NvM title. Most Nevermind members were absorbed into NvM causing more drama over how they should be treated, as new recruits or old members. The original Nevermind guild is now dissolved. With Nevermind reunited, NvM went on to clear AQ20 and AQ40 up to Cthun.

After Naxx was released, NvM at its prime got geared up to take on new challenges. Strategies were learned, consumables bought, and a mighty raid assembled as NvM marched into the cold dungeon to slay some undead. Unfortunately member strife between the Main tank (Shaa) and the GM (Bault) caused our MT to /gquit, causing various members to take sides, initiating a slew of /gquits before a single Naxx boss was downed. This effectively put NvM out of the raiding business for a good few weeks. During the down time from raiding new members were recruited and Kendog (played by the old GM, Aaron) was appointed the new Main Tank. With many newer, less experienced, less geared members, NvM was force to relearn BWL and re-gear its members for a while.

Eventually NvM was strong enough to reenter Naxx and began learning the new instance. However by this time the Arthas server had become overcrowded and laggy. Many players complained about long ques and slow performance from old hardware of the aging server. After Ret and Sold Out transferred, it was proposed that NvM officially move to the Mal'Ganis realm. Many members opposed the server change, however the GM decided to attempt to move the guild despite many core members clearly stating they would not transfer. When NvM arrived on Mal'ganis it had about half the members and once again began rebuilding and eventually progressing in Naxx.

When The Burning Crusade expansion, was released in late 2006 NvM came back to Arthas again. At this time Kendog became GM again and a most original members still on Arthas, rejoined NvM. With the guild together again on its home server (now with upgraded hardware) NvM flourished once again and progressed through Karazhan, Gruul’s Lair and Magtheridon with the precision of a seasoned raiding guild. But around May of 2007 E-drama reared its ugly head once again as member tension grew due to various personal issues and a language barrier due to many French speaking Canadian members. When the GM Kendog had finally had enough he left the Guild to old school member Solrando. The guild however, did not thrive after this change of power and soon collapsed to its lowest point ever. During this time most members left and there was no raiding. NvM was dead in the water.

But NvM arose from the ashes once again, this time under the leadership of original member Taim. Taim formed a new team of officers from old and new members, who recruited furiously to build a team of raiders capable of tackling BC’s end game content once more. The current NvM raiding roster contains only 3 active members from the pre MC days, Taim, Iffiyfish and myself, Nightwisher. NvM is now further than it has ever been, operating full steam ahead, downing new bosses almost every week in Serpentshrine Caverns and Tempest Keep.

Even through many pitfalls and setbacks NvM has prevailed and survived the test of time as force to be reckoned with in World of Warcraft. Although many of the names have changed over the past 3 years, the spirit has remained the same. That spirit is gamers from all across the world coming together to conquer new challenges and make friends.

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